This is an AYFX audio generator fully compatible with Shiru's AYFX player. Generate effects below, download the bank and play back in NextBASIC using my AYFX Driver.


See also the introduction video with demo in NextBASIC

Pos is frame number. You can drag and select the effects by selecting the frame numbers for copy, paste and delete features.

T, N are the AY mixer bits. Per is the tone period. Ns is the noise period. V is the volume.

You can click and drag any column and it will let you change all the values in the column.

To playback audio, make sure that the volume has a value larger than zero, and the T or N are enabled. You can also import a collection for some inspiration.

The editor also supports drag and drop of individual effects (with the suffix .afx) or banks (usually suffixed with .afb).

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Play the current effect
Stop playback
+ (or =)
Move to next effect
- (or _)
Move to previous effect
Add new effect
Delete current selected frame or entire effect (if no frame is selected)
ctrl+c / copy
Copy the selected frames (drag to select frames by position)
ctrl+v / paste
Paste frames either at the end or a ahead of the selected position
ctrl+z / undo
Undo the last batch of changes to a single effect
download effects bank
Move focus to a control. Sliders can be changed using cursor keys
Pos T N Per Ns V Period (linear) Noise Volume