Created by Remy Sharp as a child of the late 70s the ZX Spectrum are his fondest memories of computing as a kid. So it only made sense that he turn his browser-based skills to made things work on the Spectrum.

Inspired by the return of Spectrum via the ZX Next, Remy learnt how loading screens worked, how the binary data in screens is arranged and presented his work in a mad demo on stage in 2018.

Open Source

The code is a little hacky (written over a few days), but has some semblance of organisation. It can be found in github and is available under the MIT license:


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Text 2 BASIC



Editor based on the .spredit tool on the ZX Spectrum Next.



The general tools allow you inspect the contents of TZX and TAP files, and extract and inspect sections, with support for font, SCREEN$ and some BASIC previewing.

The tools can also take any JPG image (in any resolution) and convert it to a ZX Spectrum compatible 15 colour image that be rendered into Spectrum memory.

There is also support for TTF font importing which approximates font rendering for the spectrum.