Drag and drop .bas and .txt files to view, edit and export spectrum compatible files.


You can also use ?url= and point to gists or GitHub .bas or text files from repositories.

For any bugs or issues, please report here and include your NextBASIC.

If you use VSCode, I also wrote a NextBASIC extension that's useful to develop with.

API & command line

Command line

To convert between NextBASIC and text (and visa versa) on the command line, see the txt2bas tool (includes txt2bas and bas2txt.

The txt2bas is also available as a JavaScript library on the URL above.


Alternatively, you can POST to the following endpoints:

Both endpoints support binary `file` body property. The txt2bas also supports `text=` posted body. For example:

$ curl https://zx.remysharp.com/txt2bas -F 'file=@./my-prog.txt' > my-prog.bas
$ curl https://zx.remysharp.com/txt2bas -d 'text=10 PRINT "Hello world"' > my-prog.bas
$ curl https://zx.remysharp.com/bas2txt -F 'file=@./my-prog.bas'