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Create a .TAP file from multiple files
# filename data type autostart p2
  1. Start with your BASIC as program
  2. Ensure the blocks are ordered in the same way they are LOADed in BASIC
  3. Ensure the filenames match your BASIC or that BASIC uses LOAD "" (empty strings)
  4. Autostart and p2 are auto-selected for you based on the data type, but you can adjust manually
  5. If loading into a BANK then autostart 0xC000 and p2 at 0x8000 will work fine
Image and font conversion
Binary editing tools



Space around bytes?
Pad bytes?

ZX Next image conversion

Generate 8bit BMP, .SL2 and .SLR and .NXI files.
Read more about native Next formats.

1. Palette: